Penance of the Infidel.

On a dead morning, debris of snow fell.
The howling of a distant stray dog ,
Hammer of an abandoned clog
Broke the lyricism of silence.
I walked, purring the weight of heavens
Invisible traces you left on my mind,
Embracing the void of the night,
With a patterned umbrella in hand,
Treading the path of a woman's life,
Leaving behind a sea of tears.

Following the twisting river,
Meandering paths of a lonely shepherd
Led me far by the lamplight.
The frozen cranes didn't move,
Wept rain and wind.
The ice of the frozen pond
Reflected the silhouette of your sylvan hair.
If only I could hide my tears,
With a patterned umbrella in hand.
Treading the bitter path of a woman,
Her heart sank to mine,
And mine to her tears.

Honor, compassion, tears, and dreams,
These aren't my forces
yesterday, today.. all without the hope of words.
I commit my body to the river of bitterness.
To the woman falling to the ground
Beneath the patterned umbrella of carnage.