You who never come

You who never come
While the world reaps famine
Miraculously alive marketplaces
Civilize cowards with warehouses of toothpicks.

You who never come
While millions fight the futility
Talking about revolution and Gaza debris, whereas somewhere
Unheard Andes bask in solitude of Bolivian skies.

You who never came
To take away the blank delight of mornings
Turning the cemeteries into golf courses
Toiling mute behind the mirror of pseudo shelter.

You who never tapped my dreamy nights
The endless conjuring of serendipity
But, assumed earthly forms of designed crime.
While the orphanage smells derision,
In your smiles
In your empathy.

You whose promenade hovers in leisure centers
Of legislative morality, broken piano lids
Amused to open windows where waves surge
Forever eluding , echoing negations..