Words of rain and wind.

Mellow day in green
I owe this to you.

Rain-drenched dawn
When I saw your face.

Light of infancy eluding my face
Girl, I like you.

Beside sun-drenched morning, lingers sky
Steer your eyes toward me --

If I so ogle, let
My eyes make a river.

A river which by moonlit nights
Turns into a deer.

Let silence only know
Whisperings of deer.

Wherein silence cradled -
Along wandering currents.

Fault with the ripples? - No !
Lay your palm in the air.

An airy game? You must be kidding.
Let me watch, from this earth of mine.

All clarity in earth? -- Perhaps!
Come closer then.

Closer? -- I deem not!
Far, farther to rivers and seas.

Sea is but salty
Not inclined - even to touch.

You can touch the river --
But, if it turns dry?

Dry bed - all sandy.
Pour water ,touch the wet sand.

Thrust of that pouring
Will drown the entire neighborhood.

Crossing this neighbourhood you meet the village
I went once, randomly wandering.

Around shelves of the village
Rivers slept serene.

Beneath the river lies
A bed of sand and gold.

Will you die drowning
In your quest for gold?

Alright, let the forces drown me
I will float sooner.

Where to drift floating?
Wings - I will get.

Will name them parting grasses -
Golden grasses.

And I'll whisper, "Listen,
Be more gentle.

There will be newer winds
There will be going near -

You. Much easier -
And more easier it will be.

Then, will you love me? Say --
When will you love me? "