Independence Day

Like beauty, I'm wearied everyday
Strolling past subways from batteries to despair
Some cities to bring me advocates, some solicitude
They march over each other, hymning their favourite
Socialism over the fifth Carlsberg, rent over the first.
People dance colored, topless over economy
Frail youth ends up in emergency wards,
Sticking their tongue out, tricolored in glory.
Stretching their skins over past bones,
Selling supernatural darkness in dingy pubs,
Gucci goes to rooms where seths come and go
Frail youth whiles , ends up naked in traffic lights.
I begin my classroom career amid such ranting
Whispering facts, pretense, looking for a grip
My love she goes to Gucci rooms, my friends to
Nerve wracked bleak of city halls, selling themselves.
One by one they all fade before me, I pack them
In boxes - labeling, sealing in sordid tapes
I send them roses, I speak them in humor
They buy me too, while I vibrate in alcohol
Permeating through time unknown
Trapped in retro mothers of crosscountries.