Elegy of nineteen

Strange as I think of you now, like I don't remember anything

Deity as you once were, from the unreal to the real - your transcendence

Marched past the policing age, the bilingual virginal solitude granted

Bodyless, dayless eternity where you walked down once

Few hundred years ago, in my timeless string of comas.

Strange when your unwilling lips touched mine, in a lack-love pact

Tanned as you died then, halo of hollow inevitability.

No, I don't remember anything, but the ghetto of Amidah hymns

Brain-tricked rising of the absolute from the absolute that absolutes

Absolves, unvanquished trident. When you had a mouth - and I had none.

My eyes fixed to you, unnoticeable feminine absolute, wholly your Amidah remains

Storming like a radiant phantom, textless , in a language of genesis.

Rinsed with no rain, no Bombay, no rice - stones remain in briefs.