Palo Cortado : The waltz

Under the cage of violet moon
That stir of time and eternity
Raising glasses on the Spanish night
The vibrant flamenco, feel of psaltery
The shining meek Cuban Cajon
And your liquid finesse , silent and starving.
Spiral black orchid of the Celtic night
Smooth, lascivious you waltzed
Transitory, caught in a net of kisses
My unease annihilated, as you glittered
And brushed your Napoli scarf
Smelling Fiori di capri, encumbered Carthusian delight
Starry child , incite the immutable poet
To a cascade of ricochet, delicate as Sherry..


niki said...
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Clairvoyant Virus said...

This reminded me of the song ofcourse. Ironically a few days back someone..some stranger sent me the same song..stay well.

Shiladitya said...

the whole piece is just a mere imagination. picture from "scent of a woman" came to my mind while posting in the blog. Before that i mailed this to someone, in reply...