Lost in translation?

What gained in life, what lost
At crossroads we meet, at crossroads we part
Grasses entwine , leaves dry
But no grouses left
Despite deceit at every step
Upon my histories I gaze
My chest of memories I ruffle
In soliloquy..

I have lived for time unknown
In a world of a few billion years
Life, my endless story
Limited to finiteness
Yet I was promised eternity
Yet it is enough for me
To every knock until the last
I shall open my doors
In soliloquy...

Life and death in incessant cycles
Life is but a gypsy halt
Here today, where to tomorrow?
I fly with no destinations
Who knows where the day will dawn
Darkness spans infinity
Testing the life force
Weary wings disperse
Our paths cross
In soliloquy....

Translated from Hindi -- "Kya khoya kya paya " written by Atal Bihari Vajpayee

"Akashe jyotsna.."

Sky suffused in moonlight
Floral path basked in leopard hues
My heart, a deer in the silence of the night
Knows not where its heading
My body, veiled in the silvery shadows of the leaves
Sees no deer around
And farther I go
Moon appears like a sickle, in its bent semblance 
Devouring the last deer-grain of the wheat meadows
And then, 
Slowly slowly, sinks in the horizon
Into the darkness of slumber
In the eyes of hundred souls

~Translated from bangla,
source : "nee parththa" , from "Hey raam"