Song of stagnancy

I have forgotten words

The feeling when they eject off my vocal cords
The strange harmonic interplay with larynx
Oblivious of them all, but I imagine yours
In midst of my daylong slumber and numbness
How you would abuse my stagnancy 
Losing sublimity to a lonesome jazzy octavrium
Replacing it with another bass interlude
Akin to our hidden exchange of subdued misery
Two weeks and twenty three hours
I waited, to be baptized again
Seems like a lifetime of alienation
The little black book of your poems
Makes me a corpse of decadent wanderlust
Don't know why I colored it black
Any other color would fail to light the morbid hours
Of intoxication, of white december 
Streaming through the untreaded strait
In an arbitrary noxious way.