Ode to silent reveries

In reveries I drew an unreal you
Imagination , surreal and misleading
Imbibed in wind, lost in another
The fading night in a faraway abstruse city
Erases ,once in delight, then in joyous leap
Circulating around the touched brightness
Offending its gleam, in a wave of psychopath.
Your imperial excuse can make way
For another democratic mistake
Clung to an average metaphor
Loved alone, and left alone
In an affirming romance, folded in lie
I admire that random disappearance
Than your elongated stay in dust and irony
You could exist alone, untouched in my dream
Amongst the conservative epithets
Where the noise of tomorrow
Meets the happening mouth of yesterday.
Only today, the cart you left untied
Went further in its silly locomotion
Convinced of the unwanted freedom.


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