Replica Inc.

I whirled my mortal remains in the quicksand
Where lips of time met in denial
Half remembered scent of a mothball
Hidden tacitly, beneath the blue top
Reeking of the perspiring green youth
On a rainy June night, when silence dripped
Between my chest and your etceteras.
Undid the hair, your freckles brushed against mine
Leaving the crystalline clip, encircling
The fecund nails, nourished into the root of the night.
Till the rupture of the plasticity, mixed into gray
Of the replicated anger, earthbound and shrouded.
Today, while the light wrapped morning
Melted my icicle, and million droplets cluttered the street
Elusive and desolate sojourn in west
Walked a mile with me , in a familiar
Rearranged laughter.


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