Reign over me

That you do not know, yet in unknowing
All of my songs surround you
When I will be scattered, tumbled in autumn storm
Will you then - like stray leaves on streets
Lie flat, marbled upon me ?
Torpid repose of slumber , cloudy and numb
Will then satiate you?
The inveterate dues that you owe to life
Will them then simply expire?
Nightly dews - smeared on my breast
Only merely , you desired the same?
A mere flavour of that night - can then reconcile you?
I will wither away - yet life incessant whirls on
Vagaries of that day shelter you timeless, yet
My songs - they all surround you.

Amid green meadows I lie - over green grasses
Sky sprinkled blue from skies to skies
Yet what we gather of ephemeral colors,
Touching and retouching, is but a mere wonder.
In that wonder, visions starve directionless.
Relics of eroded earth part the grasses
While by the shore - your feet meanders
Like a stranger to the tumultuous waves.
Walking endlessly , night to night, amid interstellar domes, galaxies.
Then your fragile skeletons go marching
In the abyss of human hearts -
Silently, muter than galaxies
Amid shadowless cemeteries, around solitary epitaphs.

The Gods converse once, gods of countries and directions
Ending mute, forgetting all that is said and thought.
Reign of fire, burning beneath their eyes
Quenched then, drowned, streamlining into oblivion.
New desires - they come, a new moment lingers
Old days of galaxies expire.
You remain warm in your sky
Skies outside freeze
Stars decay, new stars reign over me
Vagaries of that decay shelter you timeless, yet
My songs - they all surround you.