Concealed wakening you till today - yet today - come gliding.
Scurrying along rails, furtively kissing - costumes of rural mud.
I remember this sundown, the smell of this dark evening
The air of you that floated unbidden, uncertain
Curing thousand unvanquished pauses.
Prickly path of grass, tickling our bare feet
The wrinkled cotton of your skirt crisscrossing .
I've only heard the birds here sing, their names I never knew
And after dusk - scent of this earth rips memories
While the weeping air nests in date palms.
This dark evening, my feet wanders alone in the autumn grass
Few notes freeze in mind, timid birds curtain agility.
In entirety I meet, the phantom of you - marbled in yellow grasses
Trembling like fire, eerie-white as fresh bone.
You that whip me to comfort, you that I create in frozen rhapsodies
An easel to wakeful slumbers , smell that is yet to come.
Smell that wrenches away to foolish grins of flower pots
Smell that is a repose to sudden roars of smoke
And the smell that I lose to sidewalks of crowded many
Concealed wakening you till today - yet today - come gliding.