The boytoy

Over me stranger, a sky of fillets in muse,
Dearest rain amuses its arrival
Mad girl comes unkempt, hers not bathed
Of what fearful muse, do you protrude your colorful fangs?

Over me dearest stranger, dressings in orange
Orange aunts that bought orange houses, their terraces
A sight for urchins, Ones who lost their nights over few baths and skirts
Physic unbidden, a cello which stares back unstirred.

Fisting their ages in pearled shakes , crisscrossed palms
Difficult that defects, never bowing their diseased heads
When all with eyes not parted, you come gently in colloquial
Diffusing all the iron and the leaden manhood
As the lone love, the begotten, the terminal caress permeating
Crisscrossed palms, firm fists, the celebration
Of a boyhood forgotten.