you were numb on love

deadened ,

torpid sleep in my eyes

as the nights anesthetized my retina

Continually bickering,



this last rain -

swarming in tears.

remotely doors thud

all my thoughts

in falsity of love

knows you dearly.

Say well-healed , say opulent

if you other.

what are we scared of?

Shell out women on terraces

Shell out patchwork of shower

By the fountain-play, where

soaps slip out of clutch

marrying the rampant ale.

why must we take pains

to cross the bridge

over rambling water.

Cohere to my ranter.

Slain furtively, and witness

the sly darkness

caressing the murky dying sun

nobody anywhere to frown

you were in dusk plentiful

glued to unperturbed flow

times we dont deny of.

lets walk back

to homely birds -

tell me some.

my applause tucked

along million pages fleeting.

wind comes splintering

Whirling them beyond

the walls of fountain

beside me

morning of besides

somebody's ghungroos

that somebody left.