I can go, but why will I?

I've resolved to turn around.

Muddled my hands in black of dirt,
While time flew unabated.
Never sketched you in my thoughts
As you really are.

Now as I step near the edge of the valley
At this bleak hour of midnight
Moon beckons, in her maiden calls .
Quietly I stand now,with my heavy eyes
Moonlighting by the Ganges,
And all I hear are cries
Reeking of funeral and finitude.

I can go,
To Anywhere, and in any direction.
But, why will I?

I will leave,
Perhaps, not just now.
Will carry you along
Won't depart alone, untimely.

translated from bangla
"jete pari kintu keno jabo? " - Shakti Chottopadhyay


Rye said...

You translated this?
Its lovely.. something close to the real one.