Time unerringly bestowed responsibilites
I would otherwise not shoulder
But surpass, not caring
Whiling away with the thought of thinking.

Time came and went, her tearless eyes
Never waited for me to respond.
I would wait a little more perhaps
Feeling the pause between laughing and fading.

Zillions of mighty thoughts caressed me
Before the dark stains turned gray
Some that unveiled wrath, while
Some remained nimble pythons of time.

Few I loved, who loved me even more
Lips met, lips fell apart in denial
Now its only the inert softness
That lingers between forgetting and denying.

Few I played with, chased kites till the sundown
Because tomorrow then was but a caterpillar
Of the chaos of tomorrows- that hinders nearness
Fault is not with them. They stayed, while I ran heedless.

I felt lonely too then, while I walked many deaths
Crossing from one death to another, powerlessly trembling
And here I am, pale , suspicious, unbeliever, cynic
Measuring minutes, desiring people I evade from.

No steam germinates in me, still your eyes
When they meet mine, are shrouded in mists.
In loving you I stopped time, I'm never awake
I never sleep, never die and am never born.


Rye said...

The last four lines are some of the best u've written in a long time.